‘When your safety & your vehicle’s security is PARAMOUNT’

findMe 101

Never Alone

Compact & Robust

Best in class Telematic solutions to ensure you are always connected to your loved ones and your Vehicle


Where SECURITY is taken Seriously

Share Real-Time Location of Your Vehicle


A Dedicated SOS Button on your findMe app makes sure that you are ‘Never Alone’!

Night-Time Pro Security

Sleep in peace with the help of the Owl Mode that keeps an eye on your vehicle.


  • Automatic fuel cut off to prevent theft
  • Active vibration alarm
  • Instant ignitions alarms

findMe 101

Complete Control Over Your Vehicle Even When You Are Not In It With a dedicated fuel-cut of button in your app you can immobilize your vehicle in case of theft. Restoring the supply is as easy – Just a tap!

You are ‘Never Alone’

Let your loved ones know that you are safe using the ‘Share Location’ from your findMe mobile app With just a simple tap, you can share your real-time movement with anyone. Send your tracking details via whatsapp, facebook, sms or email. You can also stop sharing your location anytime you want

Alerts to Keep you Updated

Geo fence

Even though findMe will keep a constant lookout for vehicle even when you are not in it, it will also notify you if the vehicle is leaving a pre-defined boundary.

Over Speed Atlerts

With MOSFET findMe, kmow when your vehicle is overspeeding by simply setting the speed limit on your findMe mobile App. Get instant notifications as well as detailed reports to know when and how often did your vehicle overspeed

Tamper Alerts

Your findMe device will alert you the moment anyone tires to fiddle with the ignitions of the vehicle or tires to remove the device or even if someone tires to tow away your car.


Salient Features



60 hours battery standby time & 6 hours of continuous working time. Automatic charging at all times till the device is disconnected.


Weighing just under 38 grams and being extremely small in size, the device can be concealed in the tiniest crevices of your vehicle.


Get accurate daily reports of your vehicle’s activity. Includes daily multiple journeys, path travelled, time taken, average speed and more.


Comes with a water resistant cover that protects the device from accidental water contact.