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Have a mobile worker’s jobs delivered direct to their mobile device. Right from the start of their shift they’ll know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going. Include all the information they need about each job including specific customer requests and turn-by-turn navigation.

Better Awareness: Knowing your fixed and variable costs, along with available resources and job requirements allows you to schedule and assign jobs to the right person at the right time.

Dashboard & Apps: View your entire workforce in real time from a very clean and efficient dashboard and mobile application. Assign, edit and cancel jobs in real time, remain updated with what each employee is doing, monitor their performance on a real time basis and create strategies accordingly.

Productivity: Determine not just the best routes between 2 points but also the best order’s to complete the day’s work orders.

Fast Reporting: Turn regular paper forms into electronic ones that the field force can complete on the go. Automated reporting can save time and give quicker access to your data.

Save Costs & Manage Attendances: Let the solution automatically register the actual distance travelled by your sales force and create a transparent indent for the conveyance due. Also know when the employee is on the job or not, with automatic attendance marking when they enter their designated area.

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