Real Time Location + SOS
(Panic Button) + Voice
(1 or 2 Way Communication)

Uniqueness of what it offers:

Remain aware of what is happening in your vehicles by being able to monitor sounds and conversations within the vehicle in real time .

Offers 1 way communication (wherein the administrator can only hear the conversations inside the vehicle remotely) or 2 Way (wherein the administrator can speak with the driver/ passengers inside the vehicle).

In case of emergencies the driver / passenger can press the SOS button and activate the calling protocol wherein the findMe device will call upto 3 persons of interest along with the live location of the vehicle, notifying them of an emergency as well as allowing them to monitor the conversations inside the vehicle.

Highly concealable device which allows real time information sharing along with calling even if the vehicle is switched off.

Benefits for Business:

1. Stay in touch with your vehicle & drivers in case their phone is switched off or not working.

2. Businesses get the ‘real time route monitoring’ – simply call the vehicle in case of route deviation or to provide any changes on the move.

3. Stay on top of an emergency! Know exactly what is wrong in the vehicle in case driver or passenger is under duress.

4. Monitor & prevent any misuse of the vehicle by the driver- cases wherein the driver uses the vehicle for any other purpose than what is meant for!

5. Monitored conversations within the vehicle can be recorded by your mobile for ‘legal purposes’ or to replay on a later date.

Other features common with

Real Time Location &
Tracking + SOS
(Panic Button)

  • Always In Control
  • Route Deviation alerts
    & monitoring
  • Vehicle status information

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  • Automated Invoicing

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